A Night at the Rock and Roll Rumble.

For my first rumble experience of 2012, I arrived very early, and a little timidly, to prop up the bar while the bands readied themselves around me. I was feeling rather like an outsider to the event to begin with, but I had forgotten how close-knit this community of musicians and music fans really is, and how irresistible the pull is to feel at home with them.

Cask Mouse had perhaps the most difficult task at the outset: to launch their part of the show with enough energy to absorb a crowd still pouring in at the door, and yet keep the delicacy that underlies their sound. For all the rumble bands though, this balancing act is perhaps the biggest challenge of the night. It must be tempting, I guess, to try to blast your audience (in volume but also in bluster) with the music you care so much about, in the name of giving your all.

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One to Watch: EULA

When we first heard EULA, at the recent B.O.M.B.fest in Hartford CT, we were impressed by the size of their sound, given they are only a three-piece, and play sparingly simple dirty guitar-punk songs. There recently released album, “Maurice Narcisse,” turn out to show this kind of addictive sound in abundance, and lots more good stuff besides.

Their video for Texas Stampede is a good track for them to promote, not only because it’s energetic and fun, but also because it typifies lots of the interesting things about this band.

Singer Alyse Lamb screeches “Where were you?” discordantly before the song bursts into a racing punk hook. Another highpoint of the album is “Honor Killer,” which shows the band’s rather unusual song construction, and the furious overdriven bass tone they commonly use.

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