About me

I am a digital marketing professional, content strategist and social media manager based in Manchester, UK. I also have extensive experience in professional writing and editing in numerous online and print publications.

In 2015 I relocated to back to my hometown of Manchester from Boston, USA, and am currently a Digital Marketing Officer at the University of Manchester. For the three years prior to that, I worked at the Mass General Hospital Cancer Center, first as the Manager of Web Content, and then as the Manager of Content Strategy.

These roles  — responsible for over 1000 pages across multiple sites — encompass four key skills:

  • Conceiving of and creating compelling and optimized content for the web
  • Developing social media content that can drive inbound marketing engagement and conversions
  • Planning and project managing online initiatives, often with use of Agile processes.
  • Assessing user experience to improve sites’ information architecture

On the Top Nav you will find four case studies, showing my use of these skills on some major initiatives I have recently managed, from over 70 projects I have completed over the last few years:

There is also an outline of my philosophy around my key skills.

If you have any comments, or want to reach out to me to talk about how I can help fulfill your online needs, you can email me at nckprkr@gmail.com.

Thanks for your interest!