Promotion (What we talk about)

This new “What we talk about (when we talk about cancer)” community site is positioned at the intersection between the Cancer Center’s main website and our traditional social media channels. As such, we approached the promotion of the new site from a number of different perspectives. We developed a promotional strategy that linked “What we talk about” from our Everyday Amazing Campaign microsite, drawing credibility by underlining this integration with the center.

WWTA fb ad


I developed a dedicated SM campaign of promoted posts, and paid tweets, with timed release of bursts of these ads encouraging engagement. I used images of several different types of community members (e.g. physician, patient, administrator) to support the central proposition that in this online space everyone has an equal voice.


WWTA email blastA third ongoing tactic involved email blasts      from a subscriber mailing list, as the site’s traffic grew.

There were several forms of internal communications too, including flyers in treatment clinics, and large format signage. Physician mailers encouraged them to mention the site as part of their initial conversations with new patients, as an aspect of our supportive care services. The patient on-boarding print materials also included information about the community.

Interest in the site from other bloggers, writers and publishing companies has led to cross-posting and linking from other sites, which has also increased the site’s quality scoring.


This promotion has succeeded in bringing over 60,000 unique visitors to the site since launch.