This is a new section of where I’ll catalogue some of my musical exploits over the last 15 years or so (it’s a shockingly big number for me). I plan to slowly make this a central place where many of my and my band-mates’ recordings can be found.


My previous musical release, from July 2013…

Here is the story of my five more or less ‘real’ bands…


The Genius Eyes (1994-1998) – MUSIC COMING SOON

My great friend Matt and I played around Liverpool and Manchester (UK) for a few years under this name (which fed my obsession with Sebadoh). We were very fast indeed, switching from drummer to drum machine to up the pace at shows. Recorded everything to cassette on a Tascam Porta 5.

CobraKai Dojo (2000-2002)

Erich, Jeff and I made up a three-piece which recorded an EP at a place I would later work (Wellspring Sound) – my one chance to record all analogue 2″.

The Disband (2003-2007)

My bandmate in the Disband, Michael, taught me about  3/4 of all I have ever learned about recording. We were obsessive about the details in a way I had never been before, and three albums and EPs came of it.

Wring (2008-2009)

Wring was a studio only project (some parts recorded at Wellspring, some at home) that I wrote with my friend Art. The EP goes in a lot of different directions, like many first products of a new band. I still love to hear that potential in it.

The Impulse Powers (2010…)

With The Impulse Powers I’ve decided to let my megalomania run free, and run the whole project myself. It’s good to have that space to let things happen. There is always the chance that the solo project will spawn something with others I suppose, but for now, if there is anything good in this music (or anything bad in it), I’ve only myself to blame.

I’m not expecting a call from the A&R people, by the way, but the times I’ve had making this music has led me to some of my closest friends, and to some of my happiest times. If anyone else gets anything from them too, I’m glad to hear it.

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