Digital Philosophy

Digital strategy matters. Here are some thoughts about why I really care about what I do.

User Experience

Creating the most successful user experience is a process that begins long before visitors arrive at my sites. It’s about constantly striving to see these visitors less as “users”, and more as people. That empathy allows me to better understand what interest, need, or feeling drives them to open up their browser in the first place. I’ve used this approach to create both content and IA that truly connects between these needs and a fulfilling online experience that can ultimately drive conversions.

Content Strategy

Effective content strategy lives at the intersection of writing, branding, SEO and information architecture, and it should effortlessly appear to keep all these balls in the air at once. My approach to content strategy is about recognizing that assessing the effectiveness of content is more than piling on keywords, because you can’t overstate the value of visitors who are truly engaged with what you have to say to them. That engagement comes with a holistic approach that can present these visitors with a clear, relevant and consistent message, which presents the true nature of a brand.

Project Management

I’m driven to work in digital project management because it allows me to work as the linchpin in a network of creative people. By connecting these elements together — whether with developers, SEO analysts, writers, or other creative professionals — I can establish truly collaborative workspaces. As a result, well managed projects create solutions which exceed the sum of all those individual contributions. Since I’m also interested in engaging in each contributor’s area of expertise, I’m happy to get into the details, without losing sight of the bigger ideas and initiatives of the project as a whole, which underpin them.

Social Media

Creating the best content for Social Media channels is about building a basis of quality content that will create momentum around a brand, until that brand is itself “talked about” more than “talking”. Although it’s true that working with social media is about dynamic content before anything else, I’ve found that some corporate SM activity can feel stuck in a cycle of disseminating information ad nauseam. Social media activity should be led by visitor engagement first and foremost, so it is truly “inbound”.